Minteo Bank Integration

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Registering for the service

  1. Go to and register
  1. When registered, you will receive an email containing an activation link. Please click this and complete the registration process. 

Registering your bank 

  1. Log in to the URL you received in the activation email. 
  1. Create the bank
  1. Choose a bank from the dropdown menu and choose an alias. A default one will be provided for you.
  1. Save the bank settings. 

Configure Business Central 

  1. Open the “Minteo Setup” page and enter the details registered. 
  1. Click “Configuration” and select “AutoConfigure” 

Setup Payment Methods 

  1. Open the “Payment Methods” page and choose the “Minteo Payment Method” that should be used. 

Configure the bank account 

  1. Open the “Bank Account” card for the specific bank account to be used. Select the “Minteo Alias” that you created earlier. 
  1. Set the import and export formats to Minteo formats 

You are now ready to export payments and import bank statements, using Business Central standard methods.