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Simplified Banking

The Minteo Bank Integration service is tied directly to your financial instution’s online API enabling your ERP/financial software to fetch updated data in real-time.


Connect your financial software to your bank accounts to fetch bank statements and push payments in real time.

Focus on what is important by automating the accounting process using a live connection to the bank and ERP features such as auto-matching.

Configure an effective payment process using a flexible approval system that supports pre-approval rules for payments that match certain criteria or sums at specified thresholds.


Our service is tied directly to your financial institution’s online API and handles the requirements of file formats, file signatures and secure transmission.

Interacting directly with the bank without allowing employees to handle any files is a common compliance requirement due to the reduced risk of fraud.


Define rules for your payment flow to prevent employees, managers or customers from experiencing prolonged delays.

Set custom rules controlling which groups of employees are permitted to approve payments by amount and recipient.

Follow up on what was paid when and to whom.


Get a complete overview of all cash-management operations in the organization, in a single place.

View reports, that ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, when handling customer and payment data.

Define data policies that regulate storage, expiry and removal of certain fields.


End-to-end encryption is established between your client and the server.

Payment files are cryptographically signed before transfer and thus integrity is ensured before payment execution.

Approval is handled in a secured manner where crypto-algorithms are used to verify that all requirements have been met.

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